The Nursing Department at MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid presents a successful example of good multidisciplinary work at the SEEO Congress

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May 24, 2017

The multidisciplinary management of patients is the only way to guarantee success in quality healthcare and in the quality perceived by patients, which grows in importance as the complexity of the case grows. Aware of that, the nursing team at MD Anderson Madrid has recently presented an example whose success was thanks to the multidisciplinary work between various departments at the center, at the 16th Congress of the Spanish Society of Oncology Nursing (SEEO) in Valencia.

The poster presents details of how professionals from the Pharmacy, Nursing, Radiology, General Surgery and Hematology departments worked together on the detection, treatment and solution of a case of extravasation of Rituximab through the subcutaneous venous reservoir.

Thanks to the rapid action of the nursing staff in detecting the possible situation and to their coordinated efforts with other departments to confirm their suspicions, they were able to attend the patient promptly and efficiently, thus avoiding complications.