Tailoring cancer-therapy in the era of personalized medicine

24-26 February 2016
Jornada científica

Key Topics:

- How to predict optimal surgery in ovarian cancer
- Influence of complete cytoreduction
- Dealing with rare ovarian histology
- Update in antiangiogenic therapy
- Impact of tumor heterogeneity
- Understanding homologous recombination
- Managing BRCA mutated patients and families
- Immunotherapy in gynecological tumors
- Personalizing therapy for patients with recurrent disease
- Life style and outcome in gynecologic tumors
- New data on sentinel node in gynecology oncology
- Emerging molecular concepts in endometrial cancer
- Targeted therapies in cervical cancer
- Advances in minimally invasive surgery
- Enhanced recovery after surgery pathways
- Update on cervical cancer surgery
- Tumor board
- Surgical Film Festival


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23 Febrero

Médicos directores del evento

Jefe de Servicio Cirugía Ginecológica
Jefe de Servicio de Oncología Médica

Lugar de celebración

Auditorio Mutua Madrileña
Paseo Castellana, 33 28046